Trout farming

The main production facilities of Reya-Fish (trout farm and processing plant) are located in Dospat in the southern part of Bulgaria. The town is locates just 10 km away from the Greek border.

The fish we grow is farmed in cages with density less than 1 kg/m³. As a result, the fish has excellent natural taste, similar to wild trout and is suitable for approbation for organic production. This is what distinguishes us from the competition, as most trout on the market is farmed in pond farms, where the minimal density is 20 kg/m³.

The farm consists of 106 pcs. of round cages that are 15 meters in diameter;  30 pcs. with 22 m in diameter and 10 pcs with 30 m. in diameter. The sum of the area of all cages is 35 000 m². The annual production capacity in optimal conditions is above 1200 tons, which makes us the biggest fresh water producer in the Balkans.