About us

Reya Fish Ltd was established in 1994. The company owns a cage trout farm in the Dospat lake with an annual capacity of over 1 000 tons. The farm is situated at an altitude of 1300 meters in the Western Rhodope Mountains in Southeastern Bulgaria. The farm is equipped with a fish processing plant. Based on these production facilities, the company is the biggest trout producer on the Balkan Peninsula and has the capacity to processes all kinds of frozen, pickled and smoked fish, as well as black and red caviar. The maximum annual processing capacity is 3 000 tons.

The Head office and the marketing department of the company are based in Sofia, at the Wholesale market of Slatina. Marketing department manages the supply of supermarket chains and other corporate clients with products.

The company is among the main suppliers of rainbow trout and salmon trout for the supermarket chains in Bulgaria and Romania.

Furthermore, Reya Fish Ltd is a vertically integrated company with an engineering department that performs development activities, design and production of equipment for aquaculture farms and the food industry.


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